• About
  • Free-spirited and unwilling to accept labels, which fossilize imagination, Fabrizio Piscopo would not define himself just as an image-maker. Instead, he sees himself as a cog in the communication mechanism, to which he contributes through his work, with the aim of enabling people to dream thanks to the images he creates.
    For Fabrizio, spontaneity comes before appearance, and pursuing innovation before following trends. In his constant search for inspiration, he wants to explore, feel and comprehend the collective unconscious and the human sensations, so that he can infuse and mold them in his shots. His intention is to understand the matter of which objects and people are made, and to shape it in his photos.

    Fabrizio is passionate about beauty and fashion, two planets that orbit around objects made iconic by marketing and that deeply evoke the irrational dimension. Working in this field allows Fabrizio to materialize his holistic vision, imagination and passion through his images.

  • Clients and Partners
  • Antica Gelateria del Corso
    Attractive model Budapest
    Avantage model management Budapest
    Brave model management Milan
    Fondazione ANT Onlus
    Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus
    Casinò Barriere Cannes
    Cinzia Landi Jewels
    Baci Perugina
    Banca di Parma
    Bookin’ Agency Milan
    Bollicine Community – Zucchetti Group
    Comune di Parma
    Coppa del Nonno
    Elite Milan
    Hotel Danieli Venezia
    Hotel Majestic Barriere Cannes
    Fanep Onlus
    Gazzetta di Parma
    Global Mirex
    Fiere di Parma
    Ivet Fashion model management Sofia
    Fondazione Magnani Rocca
    Mason Anggy Haif
    Archivio Carlo Mattioli
    Miss World Italy
    Palazzo di Varignana
    Palais des Festivals Cannes
    Quotidiano Nazionale
    Fondazione Toscanini
    Town House Hotel Milano
    Università degli studi di Parma
    Vanessa Montoro
    Wawe Model management Milan
    Weareone model management Budapest
    Zadi Group
  • Details
  • Photo Projects

    2021 Plastic Film – Published on L’Officiel Lithuania
    2021 Anti depressiva – Published on Elegant Magazine
    2019 The unpredictability of life, New York - Chosen for Hahnemuhle Exhibition Milan
    2019 Personal research studies of light, Sofia and Budapest
    2019 Intothewild, Cannes – Published on Dreamingless Magazine
    2019 Milanese Imbruttito, G. Lanzoni portrait - Cover Page and main editorial on Business Magazine
    2018 C’est la vie, Cannes – Published on Huff Magazine
    2017 Seven7y, Parma – Published on Kodd Magazine
    2016 Venice, Venice
    2016 The Hunter II, Piacenza - Parma
    2015 The Hunter I, New York
    2016 Une diva à Cannes, Cannes 2016 -Published on Fruk Magazine
    2015 Expo foto Canes – Chosen for exhibition into palais du festival, Cannes film festival 68th edition

    Ongoing Contracts

    From 2013: Reference Photographer, Illa S.p.A., Parma
    From 2013: Reference Photographer, Overmach S.p.A., Parma
    From 2014: Reference Photographer, Cinzia Landi Jewels, Parma.
    From 2018: Reference Photographer, Dallara Automobili, Varano de Melegari

    Ongoing TV Projects

    From 2016: Art Director TV Show “Speciale Venezia”, TV PARMA, Venice
    Form 2016: Art Director TV Show “Speciale Cannes”, TV PARMA, Cannes

    Previous Contracts

    From 2014 to 2018 Advertising Photographer, Nestlè, Milan
    From 2013 to 2016 Art Director – communication and web, Global Mirex s.r.l., Bucarest
    From 2013 to 2016 Portrait Photographer, Golden Foot Prize, 2016, Gazzetta.it, Monte Carlo
    From 2006 to 2011 Art Director – communication and web, Operae S.p.A., Rome
    From 2004 to 2012 Freelance Journalist, Gazzetta di Parma S.p.A., Parma
    From 2002 to 2004 Art Director –web communication, Jaguar Parma, Parma
    From 1999 to 2010 Art Director –web communication, Archivio Carlo Mattioli, Parma


    2019 Art Director – Photographer, National Campaign, Giannini, Brescia
    2018 Photographer, International Campaign Vitality’s Premium, Turin
    2018 Art Director – Photographer, National Campaign, Giannini, Brescia
    2014 Art Director – Photographer, Institutional Campaign, Banca di Parma BCC, Parma
    2014 Art Director – Photographer, communications, Smile&Beauty, Parma
    2013 Communication Consultant, Università di Parma, dipartimento di Farmacia, Parma
    2013 Light Assistant, Sting’s Portrait, Marco Gualazzini, The New York Times.
    2013 First Assistant, Novartis Top Manager’s portraits, Alice Pavesi Fiori, Basel
    2012 Assistant Export Manager, Nestlé Italy.
    2011 Art Director – Photographer, Institutional Campaign: “Uniforms”, Comune di Parma, Parma
    2008 Press Office consultant, Cibus 2008, Fiere di Parma S.p.A., Parma
    2004 Consultant and P.R., Codere S.p.A., Rome


    2018 Art Director – Photographer Charity Calendar Pro ANT Onlus with Miss World Italy
    2017 Art Director – Photographer Charity Calendar Pro Fanep Onlus with Miss World Italy
    2017 Art Director – Photographer, National Campaign, Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus, Milano
    2016 Art Director – Photographer, National Campaign, Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus, Milano


    2020 The unpredictability of life, Hahnemuhle Exhibition, Milan
    2015 Expo foto Canes, Festival di Cannes 68° Edizione, Cannes
    2011 “Uniforms”, Comune di Parma, Parma


    2004 High school college, Maria Luigia, Parma
    2009 Università di Modena and Reggio Emilia, Communication and Marketing degree; Reggio Emilia
    2012 Master in Advertising, Communication and Marketing, Publitalia 80, Milan

    Professional Order

    From 2006 National Order of Journalists, ID N. 118493, Rome

  • Story
  • Fabrizio has always been interested in the world of communication, constantly devoted to the search for means to tell the collective unconscious and express his inner emotions generated by it. He began working at age 14, while in high school, when he led the development and multimedia production of painter Carlo Mattioli’s website. The experience left him fascinated by the expressive strength of Mattioli’s work, and intrigued by the power of the visual language to spark emotions. 

    In 2004, he joined as a freelancer the editorial team of Gazzetta di Parma, the oldest daily newspaper in Italy, thus becoming its youngest collaborator. His experience as a journalist proved formative, and provided him with the opportunity to work alongside two friends who, over the years, would build prestigious careers in the photography world, and who inspired and oriented his own professional journey. 

    Over the course of his studies in Communications and Marketing, he completed his first professional photography assignment for a real estate company of national caliber. He then took part in Publitalia 80’s Master Degree Program in Advertising Communications (Mediaset Group) in Milan. In those years, he nourished his passion for photography by studying the work of masters like Peter Lindbergh, David LaChapelle, Guy Bourdin, Herb Rritts, Steven Meisel and Richard Avedon, and by moving the first steps in the fashion photography field. Upon completing his master, after an internship with the International Communications department of Nestlé Group, he finally embraced photography as the medium that would allow him to conjugate his passion for communications and his interest in marketing and advertising. He set up his own studio, becoming a preferred supplier to Nestlé Group. In the following years, he has collaborated with important brands in a vast range of industries: automotive, beauty, design, engineering, fashion, food, IT, hospitality and travel (Dallara, Vitality’s, Doosan, Illa, Giannini, Hotel Danieli in Venice).

     In 2015, his work was showcased at the Palais des Festival de Cannes, during the 68th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. In private sessions, he portrayed celebrities like director Gabriele Muccino, Franc D’Ambrosio, Luca Parmitano, Rocco Siffredi, Jasmine Trinca, Riccardo Scamarcio, Vivetta, and Jon Mack. His campaigns were showcased in Rome, Milan and in international events such as Italy’s renowned Sanremo Festival (Banco Alimentare and Vitality’s campaigns). His editorial works are published in print and online fashion magazines (L’Officiel, Dreamingless, Elegant, Kodd, Huf, Fruk, the model magazine) and his pictires have been featured by some of the industry leader magazines and newspaper (Top Gear, Il Sole 24 ore, QN Quotidiano Nazionale, Il Giornale, automoto.it, Business People Magazine, Industriaitaliana.it, art tribune). Fabrizio is also co-creator and director of a TV show dedicated to cinema, produced in collaboration with film critic Filiberto Molossi and aired during the last editions of the Cannes and Venice Festivals. 

    Pro-bono work: 

    - 2016-2018: foundation Banco Alimentare Onlus and “5x1000” fundraiser campaign. 

    - 2018: Fanep Onlus, design and production of the charity’s calendar in partnership with Miss World - Italy E.R. 

    - 2019: foundation Ant, design and production of the charity’s calendar in partnership with Miss World - Italy. 

    - 2020 awarded by the Rotary International with the Paul Harris Fellow recognition for charity activity. Fabrizio loves travelling, experiencing new cultures and people. 

    He especially loves the cosmopolitan and hectic life of New-York, from which he cannot stay away for more than two years. 

    “Photography has allowed me to visit breathtaking places around the world, and it has helped me better comprehend my deeper side: a never-ending journey starting from emotions”.